About the Project

"Let Happiness Be Your Hobby"

See the difference in your life
Hobby Extra is the answer of your expectations with the conveniences and structural quality offered. A project full of life that makes your life easier with its location and bringing extra beauties in your life instead of extra loads.

Enjoy the city in the nature

You will start a new life in Istanbul Kurtkoy in the middle of all opportunities offered by the modern living.
You will enjoy the well-coordinated and planned city with sound infrastructure that offers the safety of the urban life and greenness of a garden at the same time.

Just like a weekend holiday

You are no longer required to spend thousands of liras for sports centres. Your children and you can enjoy outdoor exercises with two swimming pools in the garden of your home, walking/running tracks and basketball court.
Weekends will be more enjoyable with the advantage of the close distance from all places and you will not have to travel long distances in order to spend quality time.

Close your eyes, you are safe
Your home is your castle. Nobody will walk in unless you permit. Your peace is in good hands with 24/7 closed circuit cameras and security cabins.

All you have to do is to close your eyes and take a deep sleep.

Every point is top-quality
Hobby Extra is built by using top-quality building materials and workmanship from the garden to the roof. Every corner of your home is insured for a period of two years against workmanship and material defects. So nothing can upset you in your new life.

  • 162 apartment houses in 3 Blocks
  • 1+1 apartment houses 60-70 m2/ 58 units
  • 2+1 apartment houses 96-112 m2/ 48 units
  • 3+1 apartment houses 149-160 m2/ 56 units
  • Total area of the building complex is 11,000 m2
  • Swimming pool 220 m2

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