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We Are Rebuilding the Legend

World Atlantis that is built in Kurkoy with state-of-the-art technology is one of the high-end project of Atlantis Insaat. World Atlantis designed by Atlantis engineers offer a living space that addresses different tastes and draws attention with its modern architecture beyond the conventional shopping mall design. Stores in World Atlantis have been planned by designating a storey for each sector. There are stores of various sizes that can also be combined to create functional spaces

  • Indoors area of 70,000 m2.
  • Indoors shopping mall area of 52,500 m2
  • Rentable area of 22,000 m2.
  • Parking area with a capacity of 250 vehicles, parking garage with a capacity of 1000 vehicles
  • 7 cinema halls with a total capacity of 1,070 persons, showing XpanD 3D movies.
  • Entertainment areas for kids
  • Indoor and outdoor cafe/ fast-food areas
  • Supermarket area of 2,600 m2.
  • Comfortable and spacious design receiving direct sunlight,
  • Banks, pharmacies and stores for various service sectors,
  • Intelligent air-conditioning systems, CCTV camera and recording systems,

World Atlantis offers excellent tastes with select restaurants and cafe-bars and enjoyable times for its guests with its unique terrace view and special winter garden.
A professional management and consultancy firm with world-class quality and experience manages World Atlantis Shopping Mall and all management operations are carried out centrally in a manner maximizing the benefits of all stakeholders.
World Atlantis changes the living styles with different alternatives it offers. Home-Offices where residential services are provided in the blocks rising above the shopping malls offer an opportunity of doing business by enjoying the home comfort in the office.



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