About the Project

A New and Warm Life

Hobby Residence Complex built in Kurtkoy-the rising star of Istanbul- reflect the innovative character of Group Atlantis Insaat valuing customer satisfaction. Atlantis Hobby Residence Complex will allow you experience the warm atmosphere of the "community living" you miss and offer you a "special" living space away from the crowd with 72 apartment houses and 4-storey buildings.

The unique architecture minimizing the wall sharing of the apartment houses in the same floor offers an independent and detached living opportunity to the residents in this special residence complex where only 72 lucky families will have a chance to live.

Walls with special insulations and cladding are used in the buildings of Atlantis Hobby Residence Complex that are built in accordance with the latest earthquake regulation based on the ground surveys. Parking area of 2,500 m2 meets the parking needs of residents and a special hobby garden shall be offered to the residents of each housing unit.


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