About the Project

A new life begins...
Life is here, at Hobby Life. A new life is waiting for you with the guarantee of Group Atlantis. Hobby Life that is a very special project consisting of 80 apartment houses makes your and your family's dreams come true with its modern architecture and comfortable living spaces. Hobby Life invites you to meet with the new colours of life.

Your perspective changes...
Hobby Life consists of 5 different blocks. Blocks having independent spaces due to elevation difference offer various housing unit options for different life styles. Your perspective changes with the housing units that are nested with social facilities and landscapes.

There is an answer for every dream
Hobby Life is waiting for you with different options if you are looking for a home for yourself, your loved ones that makes your dreams come true. There are 56 1+1 housing units in the project that consists of 5 blocks in total.

Floor Plans

Site plan



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