Group Atlantis Insaat brought its accumulated experience of 35 years in residential and commercial building development together under the roof of Group Atlantis Insaat. Upon undergoing a substantial branding and corporate organization process following the merger, Group Atlantis Insaat became a construction company developing quality buildings by pursuing an innovative approach giving the highest priority to customer satisfaction. Group Atlantis builds residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial structures. Group Atlantis already gives life to the future's aesthetic, technical and architectural styles by implementing a design approach and advanced engineering techniques that are ahead of times.

Group Atlantis is a company that respects the society, environment, nature and people and acts in full awareness of its responsibilities. The responsibilities are never overlook during the construction stage, designs are converted into buildings offering multiple beneficial features. Buildings bearing the signature of Group Atlantis are brought into life with an approach of showing the top level attention to every single detail and this approach is observed in every square meter of the building.

All past and future projects are under quality, safety and design guarantee of Group Atlantis.

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