Dreams Come True in Atlantis Premium Residence

Determining the expectations and needs of customers in connection with the changing living styles and using its intellectual capital and state-of-the-art technology for creating safe and quality living centres, Group Atlantis puts its signature under three different projects in Kurtkoy-the rising start of Istanbul.

World Atlantis Shopping Mall, the first shopping mall of the district, will be one of the successful representatives of the modernizing and developing face of Kurtkoy. Atlantis Hobby Building Complex, the second project developed by Group Atlantis Insaat in Kurtkoy, aims to offer residents a comfortable working place for their hobbies with the special hobby areas in the ground floor of each apartment. In addition, hobby gardens designated for each apartment house for the purpose of gardening works give the project a distinct characteristic.

"Atlantis Premium Residence", the third construction project of the company in the same district, is a successful project developed with the concept "real residence" that offers comfort and convenience to its residents. The residence built as a 9-storey building on a vast area of 8 thousand square metres allow its residents to convert home and office life into luxury in 239 different living spaces.

Different from the conventional construction projects, in Atlantis Premium Residence, you have assistants doing your house works. Your clothes are ironed, your rooms are tidied and you find delicious food on table when you come home. Yet, you do not pay high and fixed service fees like in the other residences, instead, you pay based on the quantity of services you receive. Fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurants, gardens and walking tracks, two-storey parking garage and outdoor parking area, camera-display systems and security room offer a comfortable, enjoyable, safe and healthy living space beyond your imagination. This project built in Kurtkoy- the rising star of Istanbul- is an ideal option not only for people who will live and work there, it is also a smart choice for investors with all of the features it offers.

The construction of Atlantis Premium Residence will start on January 2008 and keys will be delivered on December 2009.

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