A new life begins...
Life is here, at Hobby Life. A new life is waiting for you with the guarantee of Group Atlantis. Hobby Life that is a very special project consisting of 80 apartment houses makes your and your family's dreams come true with its modern architecture and comfortable living spaces. Hobby Life invites you to meet with the new colours of life.


Plus Life is waiting for you
Add a "Plus" into your life with the guarantee of Group Atlantis developing the most distinguished projects in Kurtkoy. Get ready to increase your comfort in Hobby Plus with social facilities, swimming pool, playground and sports field where you can build new friendships with your neighbours and your children can play safely and happily.


A New and Warm Life
Hobby Residence Complex built in Kurtkoy-the rising star of Istanbul- reflect the innovative character of Group Atlantis Insaat valuing customer satisfaction. Atlantis Hobby Residence Complex will allow you experience the warm atmosphere of the "community living" you miss and offer you a "special" living space away from the crowd with 72 apartment houses and 4-storey buildings.


A Smart Investment for Your Dream Life
Atlantis Premium Residence that will be built in Istanbul-Kurtkoy is the first project in the region with "Residence" concept. This project that is a wonder of high technology and advanced engineering will consist of Home Offices designed with a contemporary approach and apartment houses with 5-star hotel comfort.


We Are Rebuilding the Legend
World Atlantis that is built in Kurkoy with state-of-the-art technology is one of the high-end project of Atlantis Insaat. World Atlantis designed by Atlantis engineers offer a living space that addresses different tastes and draws attention with its modern architecture beyond the conventional shopping mall design.

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